About Me

Today, when most everything we see and read is disruptive, aggressive, loud and uninspired, firms need to have a voice that is reassuring, believable, friendly and intelligent.


I have provided an attractive and approachable brand voice, writing in all communications categories (except PR), for major national accounts in finance, health care, publishing, and government. But I have also been both a Creative Director and a Director of Strategy, two titles that require clear writing and intelligent insight and an ability to get to the essence of an issue quickly.


So I’m a very good person to have around if you’re trying to think through difficult issues and need a fresh and perceptive point of view, and need to be able to articulate the solution with clarity.


I am very comfortable presenting before boards, upper management, and potential clients. Over the years, I have set the strategy, concepted the approach, planned and presented to innumerable new business prospects in New York and around the country. 

Perhaps most importantly, I am Managing Partner in a digital online marketing firm for which I wrote all the website copy, created the site design, and built the site. So I am very current with what I call the 'mobilelocal' culture. (Please visit the site: mindoverdigital.com)


So I bring not only decades of advertising, branding and broadcast production experience. I also come equipped with a digital marketing arsenal that provides solutions that can augment a company's internal digital resources.


Of course, being a longtime advertising guy, I wouldn’t feel right ending without these famous nearly-last words: BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!


Hire me and get your FREE pdf copy of my short story collection:

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Welcome To Brandland 

Where every smartphone is the drawbridge that denies access to traditional advertising and branding. Brandland is devoted to explaining and tracking the new relationships between people and brands, and even people and people. By understanding the world Before iPhone (Bi) and After iPhone (Ai) lies the secret to the rift separating mobile consumers and marketing of all kinds. 

What is the world coming to? This is my take on an answer. It is an analysis of the impact of Apple's iPhone on our culture and indeed on our very psyches. Click the image to read. (About 15 minutes)


Owner/Creative Director
Rochester, NY
Creative Director
Director of Strategy
Cossette Post
New York City
Managing Partner
New York City--Rochester, NY
Managing Partner
New York City--Rochester, NY
Managing Partner
Rochester, NY &  Jupiter, FL