Mount Sinai Queens Hospital

Since becoming the Queens campus of Mount Sinai Hospital, the old Astoria General hospital had become a radically new institution, with new doctors practicing the newest medicine with a new attitude to health care based upon the desire to make the world a better place--especially that part of it called Queens, New York.


Yet this transformation had occurred largely out of the public eye, with the result that the perception of Mount Sinai Queens was still heavily influenced by the negative legacy of Astoria General.


As the health care environment became more complex, more challenging, and more competitive, the hospital could no longer allow its brand perception to be defined by its past; there was simply too much at stake. All the institution’s assets needed to be marshaled to the cause of making Mount Sinai Queens the number one choice for health care in Western Queens, (and soon all of Queens).


My consulting firm at the time, BrandedCultures, was called in to help in this effort based on my work with Memorial Sloan Kettering. After a period of getting to know them better, I presented them with a Brand Strategy and a Creative Strategy.

Our campaign succeeded beyond our expectations given the relatively low budget. Positive awareness grew over time and later research confirmed that for most residents Mount Sinai Queens was seen as a new and trusted institution. Our last work for the hospital was to announce the coming (and then the opening) of a new seven-story facility that proved the hospital's commitment to their Queens neighbors.

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